About Us


Headquartered in Taiwan and manufacturing based in China in 2004, 

TWNTech has 20 years of experience in audio/video communication industry.

Established by a group of dedicated engineers and professional ID designers, 

TWNTech has strong competitive advantage in this field.

With the energetic and highly professional teammates, 

TWNTech engages in delivering a wide range of world-class and innovative mobile phone accessories.


Since the formation of TWNTech,

we have always sought to deliver products with Bluetooth technology (BU1).

Moreover, we founded a new Business Unit in 2014 to design and manufacture innovative products (BU2)

to meet the increasing demands on smart living of customers.


To achieve perfect customer experience and high customer satisfaction,

the marketing team of TWNTech actively analyse the feedback of every customer

to ensure their concerns can be timely addressed,

ensuring the continuous improvement of product innovation and quality. 


Our Development Strength

TWNTech has two business units that offer solutions in different fields.

BU1 at TWNTech is responsible for developing various Bluetooth solutions.

Additionally, the revolution brought

about by smartphones and tablets has been so powerful that it has profoundly

changed people's lifestyles and intensified their desire for smart-related products

Inspired by the strong demand for smart living

we have established the Smart Living Accessories division.


Furthermore, the company boasts a robust marketing and design team

that consistently captures the latest market trends, providing customers

with cutting-edge products to meet their ever-evolving needs.


Quality Assurance


Testing Equipments

Acoustic Laboratory, Reliability Testing Laboratory, User Experience Testing System.

Inspection Equipments

TWNTech possesses

over a hundred types of professional Bluetoothearphone testing equipment

including quality management systems

anomaly management systems

product traceability management systems

pass-through rate management systems, and process management systems, among others.


Distribution of Costomer Markets by Region


The distribution of customer markets by region is as follows:

Japan constitutes 30% of our customer base

while Europe also accounts for 30%.

The United States holds a share of 25%, and the remaining 15% comes from other regions.

This diverse geographical spread enables us to access

a global customer base and foster business growth.

Business Partners


Our business partners who share mutual goals, resources
and expertise to achieve success and foster long-term growth

Quality Control Team


For all products from our factory
they are strictly checked by our QC team based on the reliability
and safety standards in our standard reliability testing lab
including button life test, torque test, battery test, salt spray test, and others.
Most of the products, are with CE, ROHS, Reach, FCC,BQB, CB
Sound pressure, KC, and other testing reports or certificates.