TWNT-MS15 Super Mini, Lightweight, Ultra-Slim, Palm-Sized Magnetic Power Bank 2 options available 5000mAh/1W mAh

Author: adminRelease Time: 2024-01-18 16:25:42

/ Here is our currently bestselling TWNT-MS15 5000mAh Magnetic Portable Power Bank has entered full-scale production, available colors are gunmetal, purple, and deep green (color can be customized), and we consistently receiving new inquiries.

/ BTW, to meet market demand, we are releasing a 10,000mAh version very soon.

/ TWNT-MS15 Features:

  1. Designed as super mini, ultra-thin, lightweight.

  2. Compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12 series and phone cases with magnetic suction.

  3. PD 20W, wireless charging 15W

  4. Super slim 5000mAh (0.9mm/0.35inches), 10,000mAh (13.6mm/0.53inches)

  5. Ultra lightweight 5000mAh (only 120g), 10,000mAh (only 180g)

  6. For specific feature, please take a closer look at the images blow…